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Businesses & Non-Profits

Increase your brands engagement and visibility with professionally produced and engaging content. 

       Web & Social

Promos / Commercials

Podcast Content


Explainer Videos


Documentary Style Interviews



*Meetings, Concept Development, Script Writing, Location Scouting

During our pre-production meeting we will work through your vision and project goals. 

• What is the goal for the video?
• Who is the audience?
• How long do you want the video to be?
• Is there a style concept you have in mind? 
• Will you need scriptwriting?
• Does the project need a Voice-actor for narration? 
• Will your video require actors? 



*Cinematography, Ariel Cinematography, TelePrompTer, Lighting, Sound

During production we will produce all video/audio content needed for the project based on the project concepts and goals. 

• Locations for the shoot need to be considered as location waivers and/or permits may be needed
• For those who are interviewed and included in your project, you will want them to sign a likeness-waiver to cover yourself legally. We can provide the forms.​

• For interviewees we will provide on-camera coaching along with preparation notes. 



*Video Editing, Color Grading, Scoring, Voice-Over, Sound Design, Motion Graphics

Post-production as they say is where all the magic happens and we pull all of our project elements together into a creative and compelling final product for your clients and/or inner organizational usage. 

• Creatively build and bring the full video concept to life 


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